Well an anxious and busy day was capped off with finally resolving a major problem/obstacle with phone service @ new digs.
The mammoth portion of the day was spent organizing, running errands, cleaning and making dua (supplementary prayer) in anticipation of my beautiful family’s arrival.
Next I attended a special class I enrolled in through the Cleveland Ecumenical Institute for Religious Studies (CEIRS) and the Abrahamic Faith program was rewarding and uplifting. To my surprise I knew of two of the most prominent Muslims in attendance, one, Iman Ramez is also the President of one of the Mosque I attend (Uqbah Mosque Foundation) and a Law professor at Case Western Reserve University located here in beautiful Khalifahland (CaLEV-E-LAND) and Bro. Ihsam, the director of the local CAIR chapter, the most active Islamic organization in the area. The discussions, the text (which to my surprise WERE INCLUDED in the admission cost, Dean Laguardia is a Beast, too!) and the meal were amazing. Each group had representation from each faith, Muslim, Jewish, and all Christian were lumped together. But it diddn’t really matter since the purpose of this “Ummah-based” class was to share in the similarities of our faiths while respectfully recognizing the differences. This particular class was held in a Presbyterian church in Cleveland Hts. AND EVERYONE PRAYED TOGETHER, to start the class, in their individual groups, before eating and to close the affairs. I THOROUGHLY ENJOYED IT and even dialogued with some Muslims I only knew by face, one sister had some great dialogue to share and I saw again Friday @ Jumah.
Next a pit stop @ home, only to find out my family’s plane arrived an hour EARLY?
Well the drive proved my baby would get her snowman. Then of all time my gas tank and door locks were all frozen. Well two brothers helped my bi[ass it, i fuel and was on my way!
As I approached the airport I was somewhere between a deathrow inmate before execution and a young christian child the nite before xmas (I know because I once was one!) I was nervous and excited all in one.
But there was the sign to the terminal and I parked, walked in and couldn’t see them so I called my wife and right when her voice mail came on there they were…

DONT 4GET RAMLA’S BEAST BLOG! i dont get all the good stuff anymore.

also watch these two minis


~ by siddiq khalifah on January 10, 2009.

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