hey sisters in Islam AKA wife and baby!

i miss u.

i cant even sleep 2nite.

ramla dont ask me no questions bout frogs.


it’s kew-well, they are all there (the frogs- RIBBIT, RIBBIT) they just hide alot!!!


well and sometimes them and certain fish just dont see eye 2 eye and lil froggies disappear 4 good.

im not sure if they are compatible.

huh? dat’s not the 1st time i heard dat xpression b4! HA.

and RIGHT!

hey babies, i gotta modify the NEW RAMLA BEASTBLOG!




ALPHAINVENTIONS, w8 til u see my babies new blog (she’s takin over the BEAST BLOG-big shoes 2 fill? NOT.  SHE IS A BEASTLING!)


i will make dua and dhikr continually that you arrive safe.

your humble servant.

Diq (AKA alot of stuff!)


P.S. give my salaams 2 granny, mom, sis asmaa, sis mylene, sis evelene, haven, dre, adila (spelled right?) and the new brother who stole my sis-n-law, HA!


~ by siddiq khalifah on January 7, 2009.

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