ALPHAINVENTIONS, You wanna get CRAIGSLIST sick then read this…

get sick

get sick

feelin nauseous?


sometime today or tommorow in 2009 I will have surpassed my total amount of traffic for all of 2008 (june thru dec 31st).  sheesh.

w8 til i start writing and there is a whole other blog.


how do you do it?

Though you’re kinda lagging today (im not sure why, is it something i’m doing?). ANYWAY

2008 total  5992

2009 total 5020

2008 ave per day 29

2009 ave per day 1518

huh, what’s your lil mini “blogette” doing a day.  im getting mo traffic in a day than most blogs get in a few months, some YEARS. HA.

well siddiq is AKA beast.

keep reading, but read lotsa old posts then you’ll follw the story a little better.

it’s almost like a fairy tell w/monters, a princess, fairy godmommies, a mean old witch, a beast, a knight (same guy as the knight i think. HA) and lota other stuff.




~ by siddiq khalifah on January 4, 2009.

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