well, id like 2 apologize, ive never had 2000 visits thru craigslist in a week. my bad again AI.  wowwwww.  i actually gotta start writin again, huh?

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well.  i made it 24 hours NO SMOKING today and the day was stress-full in itself.  but reality is this; i made it thru the day because of my Higher Power (who as anyone besides a BRAND SPANKIN UNCONSCIOUS NEWBIE should know i call ALLAH!) and I ALWAYZ MAKE IT THRU MY DAYZ BECAUSE OF HIM, not cigs. but still i like em, though i should not for it is a thing that can cause harm 2 me.

i ran about 12-15 miles the last two days, though i haven’t ran back 2 back days yet.  Inshallah i will this weekend (if HE Wills, get it?).  i also plan to do resistance twice this weekend.  BUT MY CONCENTRATION WILL BE ON REMEMBRANCE (DHIKR) TO ALLAH to get 72 hours clean from nicotine.  after 3 days it becomes alot easier.  just minutes ago i walked from my apartment to my car and some other apartment was smoking newport 100 box full flavor (i could tell all that just by walkin past their closed door- ALIVE WITH PLEASURE! HA.)

I NEED TO HANDLE SEVERAL MAJOR PERSONAL ISSUES WHICH WILL HAVE A LARGE EFFECT ON SOME OF MY IMMEDIATE AND LONG-TERM SUCCESSES OR FAILURES. (those who believe, please pray 4 me.  those who don’t believe, please wait 4 your reward!)

i also got to get ready for a graduate qualifying exam on monday.  sheesh. clean-up.  perfect my daughter’s aquarium. be nice 2 my wife (or at least come close).

i gotta lot of other things i gotta do.

oh monday nite. yall know what it is.



ya know dat brutus is one BEAST of a mascot.

end note:

3 things i witnessed by Allah’s Grace this week.

a lil girl’s desire 4 fish outweighed my lack of interest in ever getting aquatic pets again.  i have a very bad memory of a life gone bad where i had an alligator, turtles, sometimes baby turtles, and lotsa goldfish (gator n turtle food mostly!) and vowed never to get anymore but a beautiful soul who makes its appearance in the form of a lil girl (my baby!) change that opinion.

same lil girl’s comment concerning a distaste for her biological dad’s smoking prompted me to immediately pull-up.  though i already had planned 2, my wife is understanding, NOT supportive of this vice but never punishing or discouraging, even though i didnt smoke when we met, she knew i was a recovering smoker and i use my stress as justification of going to something other than Allah-SWT for guidance.  Drugs don’t work, Pills-NADA, Prescription Dope- just legal mind altering substances, alcohol- same, cigs and tobacco- though generally not seen as legally or spiritually forbidden, some religions would argue- still a cop out.

hence u can make food, sex etc cop outs as well.  but some habits are filthier than other and motstly when u use man’s law 2 justify this filth, you are in bad shape. 

i got it from the store

my doctor gave it to me

i only do it socially


third the existence of 2 people mostly showed me 2 be more giving and kind 2 others no matter who or what they are. EVEN KAFIRS. (google it NEWBIES)







~ by siddiq khalifah on January 3, 2009.

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