Hey Alphainventions Sister in Islam, YOU GOT YOUR OWN POST!


Congrats on your marriage!!!  rememer when you said “sunnah is sunna”  well in this previous post i said “deen is deen” !


I woke up this morning an read a young ladies post and found it very touching.

(SEE COMMENTS https://siddiqkhalifah.wordpress.com/2009/01/02/alphainventions-blog-totals-730-am/)

Many of the ideas she spoke about as a fellow revert (convert to Islam) I can and still identify with. I also identify with the pain of her relationship or lack of with her biological father causes her some malcontent concerning practicing a certain Islamic requirement of not deviating your name from your biological father’s no matter the reason.

it’s a shame that you had a father that disowned you (WITH HIS MOUTH OR ACTIONS). But Islamically a child cannot be “disowned” in the eyes of Allah-SWT. That is a permanent covenant that is ABSOLUTE.

UNFORTUNATELY many people, including mothers and fathers do not honor God’s Law and instead make their own.

Inshallah your father will come around. But make dua for him as much as possible and things will certainly get better for YOU!

It is a great practice to make dua 4 individuals who have wronged you and caused you harm (or desire to), as well as those individuals that you know would never make dua 4 you. ALLAH SEES ALL!




~ by siddiq khalifah on January 3, 2009.

2 Responses to “Hey Alphainventions Sister in Islam, YOU GOT YOUR OWN POST!”

  1. WOW brother! Thank you. I know you’re right. And yes both by mouth and actions. He takes great pleasure in making my mother ‘chose sides’. I cannot talk to her when he’s around but it’s actually brought she and I closer but we’ve always been very close. I’m the eldest child. As a mother myself I can’t understand how he can do this.

    TY for your wonderful post. I make dua continually for my father. I hope we can mend this before I leave the country as I doubt I’ll return. It is all in the most competent hands, Allah.

    May Allah bless you with continued wisdom and a strong deen. Ameen

  2. wow busy selfish siddiq finally took a look @ sister’s blog and DANG. Do u work? That thing is put together well. My compliments. AFWAN and may Allah provide you with tremendous success abroaud, which country?

    ***BTW: you are my number# post EVER nearly 900 hits so far.

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