Hey Alphainventions come see THE EVIL


The evil of their course seems pleasing to them.

Taken from Holy Quran 9:37

Footnote explanation (1298)

The lawless man thinks he is doing a great thing in getting the better of those who are careful to observe a law they believe in.  But the lawless man loses guidance of Faith, which is a symbol of his being guided by Allah; he will therefore lose in the end.

When people consciously seek revenge, lie, misuse tools and systems designed to protect people, etc. KNOWINGLY, REPEATEDLY AND ONGOING, they are giving away the greatest blessing of all, which is Allah’s guidance.  Without that guidance there can and never will be a victory of any sort and any temporal gain will result in more harm than good (if any good at all). 

The lawless person’s diseased mind brings them a false sort of pleasure from committing these acts.  But in reality this false pleasure is only a shield to what their true ills are.  It is a hopeless attempt to put their failures and pain out of their mind or public view. 

Unfortunately for the lawless person, though they can pretend to fool themselves and other fool hearty people who do not legitimately care for them or their covenant with their Higher Power, they cannot deceive Allah-SWT. He sees all and knows all and anyone who thinks they can outsmart him or make up their own rules or worst yet attempt to misuse his measure to achieve personal and selfish goals is sadly mistaken and guaranteed a place in the Hellfire.

These are “The Clingers”. They are very easy to spot in their every demeanor.

Ye cling heavily to the earth.

Taken from Holy Qur’an 9:38

They concern themselves with status, money, material possessions, belittling their fellow man in hope this will elevate themselves and are “people of the dunya”. 


Most cannot help themselves. It is a disease and they naturally are not compelled to help people in all walks of life (bums, homeless, etc.)  They are only concerned with appearances.  THEY WILL NOT TELL THE TRUTH, BECAUSE THEY CAN’T. They have no love for others, themselves or Allah. And as unfortunate in reality no one (excluding Allah because He loves all his creations) loves them as well.

But even a loving God…

doth know that they are certainly lying.

Allahu Akbar.


~ by siddiq khalifah on January 2, 2009.

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