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Busiest day: 1,042 — Friday, January 2, 2009

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Well I haven’t even said anything and I’ve got my first four digit day ever and it’s 7:30 in the morning.  That’s crazy.

Well, let me introduce myself since you folks are viewing from all over the world (maybe universe-HA. if you’re on the Mir and can prove it, i’ll buy you lunch when you return to the planet’s surface- i’m a “trekker” humor me. 

This is me in BEAST MODE. (No SERIOUSLY, this is not a JOKE)


I’m Siddiq Khalifah (Washington-for religious sake, that sounds really strange, but search name change on this blog and you’ll understand. actually let me help ya out-when i was going through the process of legally changing my name i unwilling discovered that it is forbidden for a Muslim to change his last name from his family name-sorry WANNABES)!

AKA THE BEAST (HE even has his own blog but has been 2 busy as of late 2 maintain it)

FKA “LINDSEY” (that’s formely known as- you MORON, HA)

I live in Khalifahland. HA yo say “CaLEV-E-LAND” HA.  mid year this was my goal list.  It started off great but there were many changes in plan.  added school, lost a fiance, added wife, added my lil RAM RAM (dat may not be my bio-daughter, but dat’s my DAUGHTER, love ya Ram) and a whole lot of other stuff, so I’m making a new preliminary list that I will post shortly.


here’s a lil gem of a post

sorry so short and uninformative, but I gotta run.  (I mean leave, i’ll run later INSHALLAH, Im 2 days back in and it feels good.  OH AND TODAY IM QUITTIN SMOKIN AGAIN. this is gonna be TORTURE, but not as painful as an early trip to the Hell fire? (actually that is nearly impossible, search “predestination” and “it is written” on the blog.




~ by siddiq khalifah on January 2, 2009.

3 Responses to “AlphaInventions Blog Totals 7:30 AM”

  1. Another viewer through AI
    Hmm the name thing stinks, huh? I’m getting married soon, inshaAllah and we’re debating on the last name change thing. I’m American, it’s something I’m used to doing when I get married (third time’s a charm right?). My father disowned me though so does that still obligate me? LOL I know sunnah is sunnah.

    I haven’t had the number of hits like you. My highest day was in the upper 800s but haven’t had another day even close. 😦 Don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

    Good luck in quitting smoking. I have yet to be able to do that.

    TC – great blog!

  2. least important 1st. use alphainventions in the post, preferably the title and occassional use the function that shows your blog 2 other readers. i just figured out what a powerful tool it really is.

    smoking? try licorice sticks, mints, patches or nicotine gum (if neccessary for a day or so), exercise AND ALOT OF PRAYER AND FAITH and remember we aren’t trying 2 quit 2 please ourseleves or others but to…

    now for the REAL STUFF.
    thanks (shukran) 4 your comment and compliment of my blog.
    name thing. u r completely right SUNNAH is SUNNAH and we as Muslims (even reverts) cannot rewite it or Qur’an simply to suit are own desires which are the worldly desires of this dunya.
    BUT, u can be creative in your approach by hyphenating or middle name manipulation or multiple middle names, etc. BUT once again the fathers name must remain as part of the legal name of reference for several reasons; one the fatehr is the parent of reference Islamically, PERIOD (see this gorgeous post

    thru (t)his name you are easily able to ensure you don’t unknowingly interact with a relative, etc.

    and the list goes on and on. BUT AS YOU SAID, the reality is this it as all other things in Islam and existence in general is the approriate measure because Allah-SWT says so and the Prophet (Sallalahu Alayhi Wasalaam) said or demontrated it to us.

    What’s even funnier is the number of so-called Muslims that bend any and every rule to suit their own preferences, this one included and justify this behavior with being a better Muslim. We can TRULY be better Muslims by one thing only; that is by pleasing ALLAH and not following his rules is displeasing.

    When several brothers especially one in particular (look thru both blogs and you’ll find his comments- including the ones that i didin’t WANT to hear at that time, that made interacting or speaking to my ex-wife haram without third party, same as pre marriage) pointed me in this direction to truly research and get enough understanding to surrender to this fact, it made things easier.

    But in reality many people consciously and knowingly hold on to the ideas and concepts of the dunya. THEY SIMPLY REFUSE TO DO WHAT ALLAH HAS ORDAINED AND CONTINUE TO POSE AS MUSLIMS. That makes them hypocrite, which is even worst than kafir.


    AND THIRD TIME IS A CHARM. I GOT MARRIED TO THE SISTA U SEE ABOVE OCT. 1 (during the last week of Ramadan) and I am enamored and happy. ALLAHU AKBAR.

  3. Allahu Akbar brother!

    We are truly blessed to have been chosen to come home to Islam.

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