Ram Ram 4 (Now posted on Alphainventions)

it’s only days now.
i hope u like your things Ram.

in four months the only thing i ever heard you ASK for was some juice and some candy and a fruit roll-up.  IN FOUR MONTHS. WOW.

you are a very special lil girl. 

you will fly, just like tinkerbell on your purple slippers.

i can’t sleep @ nite I’m so excited!
i love u.


BTW, u have Elmo BUBBLE BATH, too! (we’ll work on bath toys later, you can use some of your other toys in the bathtub for now BUT don’t take any battery powered toys in there as you did with the light-up face “Curious George” i sent ya- George is finally dry again, right baby?) Rememember “mommy, mommy, George no light up” (uuuuh, uuh, uuh, aah, ahh, aaah!)

(The Talking Heads “As the Days Go By” is being played on purpose here- youtube the vid and listen to the message, it’s one of Diq’s Fav songs of all time, also sampled by my man Jigga on “It’s Alright” off “In My Lifetimne Vol 2/Hard Knock Life” and “The Streets is Watching Soundtrack”)





type “ramla” in the search bar for a full RAMLA RECAP!


~ by siddiq khalifah on January 1, 2009.

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