Dear Sis Hanifah, it hurts me very much that for nearly three months you’ve had holes in your shoes or borrowed other people’s never once letting me know, because all your efforts are for Allah and to take care of your daughter by yourself.

Well, some things change, others stay the same. I do not have any new shoes myself at present, but I don’t care (I’ve had a great example in you and as the Prophet summarized be thankful to Allah even for the straps of your sandals, Heck my buds the sufis-even though I MAD @ my teacher for grade DEPREVATION- go whirl somewhere! don’t even where shoes to purposely deprive themselves for the sake of Allah- remember they also wear wool 4 the same reason!)  ANYWAY

I had been saving to get some inexpensive running shoes to start back and some CHEAP casual dress shoes for work, but I will make do with what I have, SOMEONE ELSE IS MUCH MORE DESERVING THAN I.

When I found out 4 certain the shoe situation, you mentioned you could get mens or women’s boots for the cleveland weather, which ever was cheaper or easier to get (YOU DID MENTION YA WANTED TIMBOS THOUGH), well how bout both BABY?


Mens (in your size- a lil tight until broken in perhaps I’m not very good adding and subtracting sizes, BUT IT’S THE NIYAH right?) Stock Pic.


Girly boots (ACTUAL PIC!)


~ by siddiq khalifah on December 30, 2008.

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