Ram Ram III (the roman numerals are classy, huh?)


hey lil khalilah beast, i hear u r REALLY xcited to be coming 2 OHIO and play with all of your toys!

well itz cold (brrrr) here and don’t let them fool you. RAMLA, you can’t buy a real snowsuit in LA! PERIOD.  Its made for sub-seventy degree weather.  Ram Ram, windchill included it gets to 20 or 30 degrees below zero here. SHEESH. dats why dah-dee cam thru 4 ya! HA.  OH YEAH your PURPLE (u know what it is lil cuz) slippers (Watts-life baby) needed a PURPLE housecoat, so I gotcha the homegirl Dora!  there’s 4 packs of different flowers with a special lil planter 4 me and YOU to grow inside!

and your fishies needed more fish friends and plants of their own and a heater and stuff!  they are waiting 4 u.  they were askin all day “when’s Ramla comin to OHIO, so we can all build a snowman?” (im not sure if tropical fish will be any help, but we’ll see.  they are gonna send u a video in the next few days!


and you doll house was an “abando” (no one lived there), so I got some dolls to make sure the place doesn’t get broken into, people still copper out of houses here i Ohio, even doll houses!


and your blackboard needed chalk and you needed abc magnets.

And here’s yo winter lights!






~ by siddiq khalifah on December 29, 2008.

One Response to “Ram Ram III (the roman numerals are classy, huh?)”

  1. Oh, thank u Siddiqi. I like my toys. Can I come home “CHUmorrow? I wuv You Sir! You Dah-Dee Snowman, I’m babi Snowman, and mommi is Mommi Snowman.

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