Hey Ram Ram!

I heard you are mad at me.  Ha! Join the world.  BUT, Im sorry you didn’t get to come when I promised and see winter lights and build your snowman, but…


I took care of everything.


You ALREADY HAVE winter lights that Im putting up in your room, HECK if YOU want, you can have them all year!

and you already have a baby snowman and even a snow man shirt!  and popcorn so I can show you how 2 make a popcorn snowman.  PLUS IT’S GONNA BE SNOWING FOR QUITE SOME TIME.  (remember, it’s OHIO!)


and fishies like you asked…lil ones just like you, that GLOW in the dark, ones that kinda “gleam” under blacklight and their nocturnal tank-cleaning algae eating friends!


 and flowers like you asked and lotsa other stuff.


don’t let mommy play your recorder, you have one and me and her have one to share, trust me she’s been eyeing YOURS!


oh and your boots match your hat and gloves…


plus you got mini pumpkin pies (I’ll refrigerate!). I ate one this mornig and OH MY! They even come in teenie pie tins, just like a big one and they are scrumptious.


An M&M Bank and “Gumball Machine” w/BONUS M&Ms I gotcha!



Diq, AKA “Dah-DEE!”


~ by siddiq khalifah on December 27, 2008.

One Response to “Hey Ram Ram!”

  1. Umm .. Umm I get some candies! Candybars! This pinecone is KHuge( huge)!Is my fishy hungry?

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