Dear Alphainventions


Hey you guyz havet been sendin me hundres of hitz like u used 2 do?

What cat got ur tongue or…OH I GE IT…Im supposed to mention ALPHAINVENTIONS.





that good?


well 2 yor readers, look at LOTSA POST, both blogs and get ready for tommorrow,

ORIGIN OF CHRISTMAS POST (this on is gonna be a monster- or BEAST like


What am I doin on Christmas? (which is gonn give u a peak @ a charity thang, some battlin, mybe even exercise?)

anyway, i gotta bounce. 

TODA WAS VERY TRYIN (SO WHAT, ITS LIFE. ALLAHU AKBAR- u newbies may wanna google r watch a commercial movie with arab terrorists on camels… heck that’s every action film, huh?)



yeah, brothas can be “trekkers, too! HA.


~ by siddiq khalifah on December 24, 2008.

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