Sometimes you shouldnt make movies. ***VIDEO***

A certain episode of  BEAST TV sorta got me in hot water! So I had to clean my room! HA.

no really.  im not completely done, but ive put in hours of labor so far.  SHEESH.

well, yesterday my car wouldnt start and i battled the elements for hours to no avail, so im suck out in the cold for the next few days (only? Inshallah).

this is going to be a busy week and this will especially slow me down.  but i will do my best.  well i gotta bundle up, its actually BELOW ZERO here once you factor windchill and I haven’t been able to get a winter coat yet.  YUCK!




~ by siddiq khalifah on December 22, 2008.

One Response to “Sometimes you shouldnt make movies. ***VIDEO***”

  1. My Daddio pockets spoils me ! BDB. Our home looks comfy cozy…Bravo baby. You are a favor from The Lord of The Worlds. Only fools leave Excellence. Thank you fools.Ha! He’s ALL mines. Okay Sugathumbs you can keep one of the puppets.

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