Why aint anybody tell me how many typos in last post?


whoa.  i haven’t had time for anything, cept prayer at prescribed times (al hamdulillah), oftentimes late to school/work and vice versa, so i quickly wrote a post yesterday (actually day b4 yest now- it’s 4:30 AM sat, but…)  and i decided to read what i wrote, you know, to verify how “touched” i am to myself! and i looked and saw all those typos.  help me out here people.  when i dont write i get nasty lil emails and such. hey why don’t you post those items as comments instead and maybe that will facilitate me commenting or postin?

anyway, im up, i gotta study, goto fajr @ masjid and then goto work (Inshallah). 

wanna hear funny?

i work 7 days a week and barely have $ for food or gas and haven’t and any bills yet.

wanna hear funnier?

except finncial support for my estranged daughter and part of my 2 babies airfare to come back from cali, I DONT CARE, NOR AM I PRESSED.

(OH BTW send “Khalilah Beast” Ramla to the darkside- the other blog later!)


Allah-SWT has the best plan and I am fortunate to be part of it.

Please make dua for a sister in the cleveland community that “awakened” (passed away) yesterday, a brother shot in the head yesterday and another elder brother who had hip replacement surgery yesterday.  Oh and anothe 80 PLUS YEAR OLD BROTHER that had a leg amputated the day before Eid and was at mosque under his own power for the Eid and request that NOONE.  I repeat NOONE assist him.  I am now “lil beast”  (in comparison to him). This gentleman is A COMPLETE BEAST (this blog or thebeastblog).

After the Iman stated his wishes, I saw him on the stairs and wanted to help him, one because he was having difficulty and two (keepin it real) because he was blocking the stair well so it would free it up for everyone else.

He looked at me  like ONE: NO and TWO: WAIT BROTHER!





~ by siddiq khalifah on December 13, 2008.

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