Thanks for Giving


I’m bout 2 chow down a lil turkey and mash potatoes and corn and sweet potatoes and PIE.  Don’t forget the pie!


At present I do not have the economic resources to provide this for myself.  I’m FLAT broke in liquid cash status.  And monies I was expecting to provide relief next week are not going to come as should have been expected (but that’s a whole different can of worms. Just maybe the BEAST will elaborate on his blog?)

So how did I end up with the delicious goods?

I found a place giving out Thanksgiving dinners on-line yesterday (YES. Goshdarnit, I GOOGLED IT, are you happy now?) when I was looking for places to volunteer.  It was hard, belief it or not the Salvation Army, The City Mission and several other organizations I thought would be doing something last niteor today either already passed their food out or simply just aren’t giving out food this year as organizations and a referring those persons needing it or wanting to volunteer to churches or food banks in their neighborhoods.   FUNNY THING is this is a relatively small, humble “store front” style church and of all the potential places I looked to volunteer at on the net, I kept noticing that they seemed to do this EVERY YEAR AND EVERY HOLIDAY.  How I know not, WILL and INTENT I guess?  But Inshallah, I will be their to help them help the less fortunate with my wife and daughter on their  celebration of the birth of Christ, doing something inspired by the teachings of that prophet.

Rockhill Ministries, 11739 Kinsman Road, at Rockhill Church Cleveland, OH 44120

I had a similar problem three years ago when I attempted to help out a local shelter in Akron and actually went out there and they said you needto be registered to participate and that those volunteer positions are typically filled months in advance.  My other surprise was that the on-line app for the food bank actually asks if you are a convicted felon.  I wonder if that excludes you from helping? Huh.

So I went and found the Baptist Church I had found on-line and they were near completion and advised me to come back for their Christmas Dinner.  But I’m a salesman til I die.  I don’t and I won’t take no for an answer.  So they found some quick tasks for me to do offered me a meal and thought they’d get rid of me that easy.  Yeah, right.  Once they saw I wasn’t planning on being “freed” they let me help with the remaining work.  They were actually so grateful for me, especially some heavy (for them, seeing as all of them were definitely born pre-1950s!) lifting.  So they fixed me a wonderful meal to take and asked me if I ate salad, “YES”, did I want a whole pie, “YES”, do you like bananas, “YES” (get the pattern of my responses, actually I was a little weary of whether or not they were gonna mention any dishes that had pork, which I would have graciously accepted, had they done so and simply passed on to someone hungry that eats that sort of thing!  But I’m glad it didn’t come up because I came as “Lindsey” though in a long Islamic shirt and a kufi, I didn’t come to claim “Muslim,” I came to be Muslim.  I didn’t come to claim to be “Siddiq” (one that is charitable), I came to be Siddiq and share my assistance to someone less fortunate).

After we put everything away they asked me if I’d join them in prayer (circle) and of course I obliged them as they obliged me.  Their prayer, though very different than what I experience in mosque, but familiar from growing up “Christian” and my current occasional 12-step “meetings” was very powerful and inspiring and filled with gratitude for OUR GOD.  I’m sure many traditional Muslims would not approve of this behavior, but they have a journey as I have a journey, may we meet @ the end (on a positive note, get it ? HA!!!!!) 


When we were done they asked me to deliver some meals on my way home and I obliged.  It was a really KEW-WELL (ok that’s siddiqish-new language for “cool”) feeling.

Those individuals I had the privilege to meet were so grateful to have someone care and someone come to them, NEVER-THE-LESS the good food!

I forgot a gentleman’s bread and got all the way home and thought “how much would you, yourself enjoy your meal WITHOUT the bread ?”  So I got back in the car and doubled back and he came out on his second floor porch as he had come the first time, before coming downstairs to the back entrance.  I told him that I would just throw it up.  He said “Ok”.  I tossed it and in one swoop he snatched it out the air.  I said, “the Browns coulda used you last week”.  Sorry Braylon, he caught it the FIRST time it was thrown to him, no drops!

I had fun!  And I like having fun.

I was giving of my time and rewarded with many types of THANKS.



~ by siddiq khalifah on November 27, 2008.

4 Responses to “Thanks for Giving”

  1. Salaam, brother can you tell me how to create a blog, I want to start one today or tomorrow and write, and write, and write. God bless, continue on your righteous path.

  2. Salaam and thanks for visiting, how did you arrive @ my site?
    check the other blog (thebeastblog), too. it’s located in the blogroll.

    As for your question.
    u can go to and sign up for one like this free. then it will allow you to customize it and start posting. i like word press and another brother actuall referred me here!
    but if you google “free blogs” you’ll get alot of other options, but wordpress is like the largest bloggin community on the planet and you have access to connect with many different blogs islamic and otherwise!

    email me if u have any questions, but is pretty easy, EVEN i can do it!


  3. i think that is a blessing what u guys do .

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