Finding your balance


Actually, this is more about me finding my balance (but it was easier to point the finger @ YOU!) HA. 

BTW Beast says “Hey” But due to the addition of some sponsors and several other personal factors, the content of these blogs is to resume their separate nature in topic, discussion, etc.

In life there are different types of scales and scales in essence are used to measure different types of balance.

So, Im several pounds overweight at this moment and picked smoking back up.  What am I going to do?

Well firstly I’ve been averaging about two very short runs (usually both weekend) during the past few weeks, no resistance (weights/ callestetics) and eating way too much and not the right things.

So, staring Monday (with tommorow as a “practice day”, Im going to actually start delegating specific times to run and workout each morning (with some evenings as an alternate time).  I will start slow with 4-7 short workouts next week.

I will also start eating less and better, trying to “food fast” during the day 2 days this week and use Thanksgiving or a weekend day as a “cheat day” when I kinda do a little more eating than usual.

I will also READ 3-5 health related articles periodically throughout that same week.

I am going to start cutting down smoking and try to half my daily intake staring Monday.

For time managemnt sakes, some spiritual reading in the form of Quran, Hadith (other academic Isalmic material IE. homework for my grad Islamic studies classes) will be lightly balanced before or after these workouts and Inshallah before I go to sleep at night in addition to the other times I must already catch-up or complete my academic work).

As a “reminder” I will use these attempts at working out and studying as substitutes occassionally when I get the urge to smoke or overeat. 



The next month is going to be very challenging trying to balance studying (Islam), family (mine will be here for good- Inshallah in less than 29 days), health, a new way of earning an income (Im leaving my job finally) and several other aspects of life.  So it’s time to get focused, determined and organized by setting reasonable, achievable goals and measurement sticks.


FYI the best site Ive seen in long time for any diet or workout items is this one.  It’s very affordable and quick delivery.  I will be ordering some items from here immediately.  They also have GREAT articles on different topics all the time!

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~ by siddiq khalifah on November 22, 2008.

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