Don’t let anything be an obstacle to your dreams


I’ve had a week where at face value I’ve lost several things important to me in one fell swoop or have been reminded of past losses.  But life goes on and I should have extreme gratitude that I haven’t lost my Higher Power.

Furthermore I should have extreme gratitude that I never abandoned anyone (even if it leaves me open to be deceived or taken advantage of), that is pretty much “shirk”- google that one newbies!  All I can attempt to do is strive to submit to Allah (SWT) and work towards earning His acceptance. 

I may take the blogs down or use an auto-generate format where I only appear every so often.  Sharing myself and my thoughts openly has been very fun and rewarding to me, but at times it has also had some very tragic effects and is pretty time consuming. 

I made some pretty big decisions the past few weeks on personal goals/dreams and how I was going to accomplish them.  I am discovering that I’m still a ways away from some of my goals and dreams and some I simply may not need (or it isn’t written for me to achieve).   

I’ve went into debt, at least for the moment to set these things up with the idea of being able to make a contribution in other’s lives.  And I have no complaints,  EVERYTHING is Allah’s and I should be grateful when I am given temporary loan of it.  The trouble is I don’t like to give things back. HA!

I may not be able to carry out my personal or business goals at the expediency that dreamed, but I got a reminder today that life continues and I can still accomplish my dreams, no matter the obstacle, I JUST SIMPLY NEED TO MODIFY MY EXPECTATIONS AND CONTINUE FORWARD.

I’m not gonna get into specifics, because frankly they are redundant, but at least I haven’t completely given up, which I’ve been known to do in the past. 

Me (w/Allah) will continue to study and practice the religion, continue to do something to support myself and my family, stay healthy and try to help myself by helping others.

Huh?  Nice Dream!  Not very big or glamorous or filled with lots of associations, but still NICE.

Allahu Akbar.

I saw a story about a young lady that is dying, but more active and with more heart and spirit to continue towards her dreams than I will ever have.  She’s a trooper.  Look at her as an example of courage.



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~ by siddiq khalifah on November 9, 2008.

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