God is not the Author of Coincidence

Yesterday I was discussing plans, etc. with my life involving Spiritual participation and learning, family, academic classes, work, health etc. (kind of in that order, but certainly with things that will bring me closer to God, FIRST.

“Time is a finite thing”, I told her during one of my normal “rants”!  

As I shared with her I’ve been trying to focus some needed attention on prioritizing, delegating, focusing, organization, etc to better maximize the time that I am afforded, as well as decreasing sleep (“prayer is better than sleep”- Holy Qu’ran) and increasing my positive actions, while minimizing (or near eliminating my lazy actions)

And when I was looking at these blog stats, I notinced a couple of visits from someone coming in thru a link from another blog, so I went there.

Now I can’t tell for certain if it’s the blogs author or one of its visitors or both, but I found some good info on time management here (oh and incidentally it’s from a Christian! see Guys TRUTH IS TRUTH. PERIOD).





Well over a HUNDRED VISITORS THIS MORNING and I aint even left the house yet.

Yesterday ended up being tied for the second most visited day of EITHER blog and only by a handful of visits.  BUT TODAY WILL SURPASS ANY OTHER DAY EVER EITHER BLOG. WOW. WOW. WOW.

I hope my Walmart Deer story doesn’t well…


Sorry peoples, ENJOY cuz I got a two finals two presentations, a final paper, a new business opportunity to start, preparation for my wife and daughter, uh this little thing called STUDYING AND PRACTICING MY RELIGION (outside of academically) and lotsa of other things I caught up in, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…

This won’t be the norm.

You’re really gonna have to start reading old posts as new, since they ARE NEW to MOST of you NEWBIES (some even near “virgin” readers).


~ by siddiq khalifah on November 7, 2008.

One Response to “God is not the Author of Coincidence”

  1. I’m so glad that you found the post on “busyness” helpful! Thanks to WordPress for connecting our blogs, probably on the “possibly related posts”! All the better to find somethings that we have in common, too. May we both redeem the time. I look forward to visiting your blog more.

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