Before I let you go visit “you know who”, I wanted to say salutations and let someone know that her dower extras were obtained today. HA. Here’s Diq (that’s short for SIDDIQ, you…)

Anyway, Here’s me TODAY!  And that’s a thobe, NOT A DRESS.


Now for the reason you clicked here…

First week of October, Im not even gonna tell you that, that fool THE BEAST renamed the month “Hallowdan” since it immediately followed Ramadan and he planned on eating candy all day for 30 days.  Imbecile.


~ by siddiq khalifah on November 7, 2008.


  1. Jazakallah Khair , Mister Mister ….What you have in your hand will be the tool pockets, that will bring to lyfe my Spoken DREAMZ. For you have shared and made possible the weapon of MASS Productions.

    In The Case of DaisyLeaf

    “This means more to me then You’ll know.”

  2. HAN- IF- AH?
    hey habibi!
    well it only took u a week and a half 4 u 2 figure out that was ur stuff, im glad RAMLA (Khalilah BEAST) is quicker than that!

    glad u r pleased, but i aint installin that replacement web-cam (HA!), u almost here anyway! (unless u twist my arm. NO FUNNY BUSINESS THOUGH. HA!).


    ur zawji

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