New Beginning


I don’t have nor make time for every day blogging any longer, nor everyday running, etc.  But today I will make exception.  I went to bed early last nite, occasionally waking up and seeing election results, but even before yesterday’s event in my personal life, I wasn’t overly attentive to the political process of this election.  Not to say that I wasn’t once a young pseudo political activist, campaining and studying candidates and believing in people and parties, etc, especially on the local level. 

I’m very pleased history was made, especially being a “Black Man”(yes that is a reference to the book by the Hon. Elijah Muhammad).  I’m not much into the “AA” title (African American).  I’m not African, I’m a hybrid, ask a real african and see what they say! 

What’s a “hybrid” ?

A mixed race.

Mixed in recent generations (like Barack)

Mixed by being the product of continual or previous intermixing (like me and most persons of partial african desent)

Mixed in cultural, religious, social and language (like most americans period, never-the-less blacks)

Why a New Beginining ?

Well I want closure to the death of my child.  And I want to give the child a janaza.  There seems to be some debate on when a child deserves a funeral and burial, but 4 mos seems to be the mark and our baby met this requirement.

What I find a little alarming is that many muslims feel abortion isn’t haram if done before that same mark.  I certainly may not be the best muslim, but excluding a few fleeing moments, that was never a consideration.

Why a New Beginining ?

Because our little child is now in PARADISE!

Allahu Akbar!

Say “Salaam” to the Angels for me baby (tears).


And in an effort to do things that are pleasing to Allah (SWT), I forgot a thanks yesterday.

Thank you Ayana for helping to equip me both islamically and matrimonially to be a good (aspiring) muslim, husband and father.


I just experienced a really erie feeling, when i looked @ a post related to my planned relationship with the child, I said Inshallah.

Never did I dream that I wouldn’t be able to see and interact with the baby because the child would not make it out of the womb.



~ by siddiq khalifah on November 5, 2008.

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