I am crazy

I actually researched how to perform a proper Islamic burial including the preparation.  Armed with the 5 needed cloth items and rope, I went to purchase my symbolic “daughter” for the service. 

I was aware that in general a congregation was necessary, but oh well.

But after making my baby selection and in line I decided to give the baby doll to a living little girl who could use it, since Allah (SWT) has no need for symbolic plastic and All things return to Him anyway.

So I went to the mosque to enlist a brothers help with the prayer and service (minus the baby doll) and he shared with me that though my intent was good, I was missing two important elements, THE BABY and A CONGREGATION.  He said I needed to say a special prayer and dua inside the masjid and that was a good as I could do considering the situation.

I informed him that I did that immediately following discovering the news, yesterday @ the afternoon (magrib) prayer.

well.  I did learn how to dress an adult, a baby boy and baby girl for burial and the proper way to conduct the prayer.  I would not have otherwise concerned myself with this process at this point in my life, so I learned something new.  Actually I am going to work on memorizing the prayer and I will always know that (besides to please Allah) that the reason I learnerd it was in memory of Sayrah!





~ by siddiq khalifah on November 5, 2008.

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