Please bless our child


Islamically all children are afforded jannah due to their innocence and purity.  I am no scholar (as if you didn’t know!) but I hope, pray and will make dua that my unborn child is in paradise.  I haven’t researched completely what is accepted Islamically concerning unborn children, but I KNOW that Allah is merciful.

Today I and my one-time almost wife and up until this afternoon almost baby mama lost our beautiful child. 

We named our child.  We loved our child.

Jokingly for weeks we called the child “Akmed”, partially my affinity for typifying this as a “muslim” name and a desire (though not overwhelming) for a boy.

As I stated to Kalle and my wife I would love the child equally boy or girl, BUT though I’m partial to girls, I was looking forward to the possibility of a boy.

But I was estatic about the possibility of a biological child that I would get to hold and raise and nurture and watch grow.

Though I married another beautiful sister, me and Kalle mainatained a GREAT relationship, friendship and (pre)co-parentship.  And my wife seemd to take the news harder than I or Kalle (that’s why she’s my “ace-boom”, she is a RIDER-loyal teammate and vowed to raise THAT child with me even though she already had a beautiful daughter for us to raise together-Inshallah).


Because today’s occurences are a testimony to the fact that NOTHING can happen unless Allah so Wills, even your next breath.

I have faith that my Higher Power is the best knower and have complete gratitude for His decision and His Will.

Still, though I may have peace and comfort in the knowledge that Allah does what is best for humans and always brings something good out of something bad, I feel empty.

Empty about a person, a child, a baby that I never met.  Empty about a baby that at first was going to be an inconvienience and didn’t fit into anyone’s plans.

NOW life without that same baby seems sort of “hollow”.

Kalle and her family have bought more baby items for that baby than most children get thru puberty!  I myself have been window shopping a couple times a week, but not anymore.  (excuse me I’m getting a tad bit emotional).

But in reality, that unborn child taught me more than I ever dreamed.

lil “Akmed” (actually my gut always felt it was going to be a girl, so “Akmeda”), showed me humility, repentenance, faith, courage, teamwoork, compromise and LOVE.  So thank you.

To Allah (SWT), ALL my THANKS.

To Hanifa, thanks for your support of both me and Kalle and THE BABY in Allah’s name.

To Kalle, thanks for being understanding of our decision not to marry, mine to marry and wanting the baby to have a muslim name and raised in a “halal” environment (NO OINK!) and your commitment to do the same.  Further thanks for your companionship and efforts to have our child, MAY ALLAH REWARD YOU.  And remember I am your brother always and we will always be attached by this experience we shared.



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~ by siddiq khalifah on November 4, 2008.

2 Responses to “Please bless our child”

  1. Inallilahi wa Inaailayhi Rajiuun.

  2. Shukran.

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