Hey, Hey, Hey KhalifahLand!!!

Thanks to those who have still been following these blogs. Im a little overwhelmed @ times now, BUT there isn’t anything before me that I  KNOW that I cannot bear!

OFFICIALLY got an A on my Islamic Studies Exam, though as I shared w/ my better half, “Mrs Khalifah-Washington bint Hall (ne Yates)” [wow and that’s just her last name! HA] I was still a little dissappointed, but I am grateful and more importantly I am GRATEFUL AND EXCITED TO BE ABLE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT RELIGION (yeah, with priority given to the so called “Islamic Faith”, but in my world all faiths are a part of that one concept anyway so i must learn them to learn mine!)

Did anyone see how Ka-ra-azy my last statement was. 

Well gotta get 2 work, it’s the end of the month.


to young wish, lazy, bizzy (brian is not really a cleveland/khalifahland native) and krazy, THE FIRST OF THE MONTH was so significant, but in the business sales world OFTENTIMES, THE END OF THE MONH and how strongly you close it out are more significant, so you can pack as much in as possible and start anew for the next.




~ by siddiq khalifah on October 29, 2008.

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