“Break the Cycle”-Staind

Good old wordpress, messin up my posts.

This was posted yesterday, but blank, cuz obviously my “hosts” must have been havin sever problems, cuz my post this mornig is completely gone as well, BUT here it was,

I finally had a REAL RUN yesterday after a slight hiatus and it felt great.  Though I haven’t had time or diligence enough to run for quite sometime (before i married actually), Im very happy.  One cuz i got of my lazy behind, two since i fit into my schedule by MAKIN time and lastly CUZ I HADN’T LOST A STEP.  In my BEAST MODE, I had prepared my body in such a way that it was real easy to just pick up where i left off at EVEN though i also stressed myself out and picked smoking back up.  Inshallah I will put it down again aoon and for good.  But I’m not trippin I am blessed. I doing extremely well at work after rebounding Friday for my best performance EVER with the company!  School I have two As in Islamic studies graduate courses, (Al hamdullilah).  Marriage and fatherhood EXCELLENT, though I can’t wait til my family returns in December for good!  And everything else STABLE.  I can’t ask for anything more, nor would I.  I AM HAPPY.

well, talk to ya LATER.



~ by siddiq khalifah on October 26, 2008.

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