Sorry I missed ya!


Skewl. Difficult.  Its been almost 20 yrs since i took academic tests and wrote papers and attended class, etc.  But its rewarding and im studying what i wanna study!

I aced my mide term exam in one of my Islamic studies classes and im almost thru with a major paper in the other!  Inshallah ill complete tommorrow.

WORKING OUT.  has been completely on hold, but ill try and regroup this week.  im like 20 lbs heavier than 2 mos ago, huh, but im married so…

Work, challenging, but im making it.  and there is a light @ the end of the tunnel, cuz arrangements are almost fnalized for me to go SOLO!  HA. like david ruffin or michael jackson, we’ll see which!

Spirituality.  GREAT, but alwayz seeking improvement, mosque attendance down, as wll as prayer in congregation, but im pretty swamped.  still i gotta make time and force myself when able.


CAR.  In limbo.

Public Transportation.  TRAIN STOP in front of my DOOR.  REALLY!  Allahu Akbar.

Wife.  GREAT

Ramla Daughter.  EXCELLENT



~ by siddiq khalifah on October 19, 2008.

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