Oh yeah, Sarah Palin on SNL

Well i must admit, i made a special effort to watch SNL, that i havent watch much in the post norm mcdonald (as bob dole) and the will ferrell years.

INCIDENTALLY, AFTER the election, Bob Dole, too appeared on snl and his personality was very surprisingly funny and personable, BUT Mr. Dole did it after conceding the election and not to attempt to get votes!

actually i only know 2 cast members from their work on SNL and of course kenan of kenan an kel/good burger/fat albert fame.  but i did my old 11:00 ritual of watchin mad tv til 11:30 then switchin to snl just to see sarah.  i actually haven’t done that in a LONG time!

and i concluded that sarah does have a personality, hence she’s a person and somewhat likeable, not that i’d vote for her or her ticket, but even still, it seemed more like sarah palin playing tina fey, PLAYING SARAH PALIN.  go figure.  funny, but another case of hollywoood and politics (same art) imitating life.  oh well, im not very pro politician or pro-lawer, they are traditionally, at least in my opinion ONLY actors playing a roll, some, even a comedic roll and usually aren’t as concernerd as much about justice as they are their own personal interest.



~ by siddiq khalifah on October 19, 2008.

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