It was all BAD just a year ago.

well jay-z aka “jigga” expressed “it was all good just a week ago” with “too short”aka todd shaw on “in my lifetime vol. 2 hard knock life”.

but my reality is the above.

SO TODAY seemed a TRIUMPH, firstly, as i stated were my intentions, I had the most productive Ramadan so far in my life and i only inspire to improve.  i never made this many prayers in congregation in a month in my life. i stayed the night numerous days at the mosque and made nearly every fajr or morning prayer called and most afternoon prayers! ON A BIKE USUALLY IN THE RAIN! HA.

there were still areas that could have been improved upon, but i elect to celebrate the good, not over analyze the bad.

TODAY, many naysayers saw me in a different light when my marriage was announced and that (opinion) i am a “GOOD” brother from many different sources throughout the day.  my dad who has not been entirely pleased with some of my decisions or results therefrom was open enough to briefly interact with and show some level of acceptance of my new wife (may Allah bless him).  two “younger Caucasian (ha) brothers” from my job who see me constantly in prayer, fasting back and forth to the mosque etc, honored me by asking to attend the Eid tonight.  They came on the bus and ate and participated in the camaraderie.

another bright spot in the past few days besides the wonderful amount of acceptance directed toward my new wife and i has been several people, including a foreign born muslim asking for my advice and assistance in becoming drug, alcohol and cigarette free, based on what his boss (a knowledgeble muslim) told him of my journey and experiences!



~ by siddiq khalifah on September 30, 2008.

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