ONE Krazy Week!

Allahu Akbar.

Im tired and have to get right back up in an hour or so to go to morning prayer.

so real quik.

ONE.  earlier this week i found out that a short relationship i was involved in after my divorce bore fruit and (INSHALLAH) will produce a beautiful child.  this was a complete surprise, but obviously what God (SWT) had planned! so in one weeks time i found out im gonna be a father from a previous relationship and

TWO.  that i was going to OFFICIALLY be a husband and a father (“step”) again since my fiance was coming here from los angeles today to get married and spend the remainder of Ramadan and Eid with me.  THREE HOURS AGO we “tied the knot” and will begin the rest our lives and into eternity with eacg other.

IVE ALREADY MENTIONED I HAVE THE KEWLEST 3 SIS N LAWS (especially ASMAA 😉 ) AND DAUGHTER (“step”) ON THE PLANET.  Seriously.  They truly made me feel like a brother and member of their family!

the door is closed on much of the past, actually i got married in the same mosque i did before, but under completely different circumstances (just taking a look @ the person in the pictures from the two occassions was SCARY) AND FINALLY A COMPLETELY HALAL (PERMISSIBLE) COURTSHIP, AND MARRIAGE with no fornication (pre marital sex, etc as it relates to THIS relationship) Allahu Akbar.

it feels good to finally do something right.  im glad we protected ourselves from tempatation and went ahead and made a commitment to each other and reinforced it with a covenant to Allah (SWT) in front of loving and supportive witnesses.

this has been a challenging week and an eventful but enlightening Ramadan.  I know ive improved my decision making, faith, patience, repentance/refuge, acceptance, tolerance, humility and expectations.  this has been a very humbling experience and after-the fact, in person, electronically or otherwise, i had to break the news to at least five interested parties. FUNNY THING IS THEY WEREN’T ADAMANTLY INTERESTED, UNTIL A DETERMINATION WAS MADE TO MARRY ANOTHER, SO HOW INTERESTED WERE THEY REALLY??? 




~ by siddiq khalifah on September 28, 2008.

One Response to “ONE Krazy Week!”

  1. Masha Allah! You are a force to be reckoned with. My husband , friend , leader, protector, maintainer, and goofball of extreme layers of talent. I found myself feeling you against me, stroking my fears, desires, and could Be’s. I bath in the richness of your lather. Who are you ? The very tongue of you delivers words of gathered treasures. You unlock the hidden me and inspire the freedom of hope. Mourn no more , you whisper into my ear of lost fables and dem stories. You sand through my castles and lay your yous like a royal carpet. You demand me to walk upon thee and receive us. Who are you? Are you the keeper of smeared dreams , that fashions her vision clear?

    Yes , you Are “THE SEAL”…there will be NO more and you can clap to dat….(as a seal so often does).

    Your grateful and submissive Wife,

    Hanifah Washington bint Hall

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