This has been some kinda month!


yes, ive been XTREMELY BIZEE!

Allahu Akbar.

Well I am thoroughly enjoying my Islamic Studies grad classes. As a matter of factly i am now trying to restructure my job, goals, etc to be in alignment with school.  i really LOVE this skewl. WOW!

i moved this week and they finally figured out a way to put the firewall up at work so i cant get pass it to my blogs, so i haven’t been able to post very much at all lately.  but my lightning fast internet, cable and phone got installed today.  even though i work as an ATT solution provider, ATT kinda bites.  BUT THEIR NEW UVERSE PRODUCT IS UNBELIEVABLE. WOW. WOW. WOW,  that’s what i got (unfortunately it’s not available everywhere- very limited areas, ITZ FIBER OPTICS BABY!

anyway, i see you guyz have been coming FAITHFULLY, so thanks. i will try and stay on top of this.

Ramadan has been GREAT. ive never made this amount of prayer at the mosque or focused so much of my attention on islam and it is amazing.  completely amazing.

but im am quite frequently very tired. fasting plus nearly all prayers at mosque TAKE ITZ TOLL.  my resistance has been down, im getting FATTER (aw man), havent been able to run or lift much, if at all and alot of other things, but, i’ll manage.

for those who i interact with BESIDES CYBERSPACE, this comes as no new news, but others, well it may be a little of a surprise, but… i am to be remarried oct 2nd and have the most beautiful step daughter in the world. BOY AM I FORTUNATE, how Allah (SWT) blessed one man with the most beautiful daughter and step daughter in the world is AMAZING.  actually my step daughter kisses a picture of my SUPER DUPER BIO DAUGHTER ZAHRAH or BEAST2 as i like to call her!  Allahu Akbar. 

im not gonna stay long, im doing alot of unpackin, organizing, etc plus i gotta go to the library, study, read etc for class and catch up on my quranic reading for Ramadan.  i did take a little break and had a beautiful time at the indians game last nite, it was my first in two years. i attended by myself and enjoyed the game by text and phone w/my fiance/wife (ha).  it was fun.  everyone else was busy, but i wanted to go anyway. also to my surprise i got this really kewl grady sizemore bobblehead doll (riding in a car!).  i wanted this when they were the game giveaway a few weeks ago, but i couldn’t afford to go.  well i got a great deal on this ticket and it just so happened that they were giving away all their surplus giveawyas and i happended to get the one i wanted the whole time! indians kinda were wek this year, but, kewl mascots, kewl farm teams and kewl star. GO GRADY!

FYI, due to lack of time to do final collections, proximity to Ramadan and getting married, i may run towpath still, but as an individual.  the rite aid cleveland marathon will be our first TRUE EVENT, so DONATE NOW and Boston in Bagdad (the Gaza Project) will be pushed one year, due protocols needing to be worked out with the state depaertment.

ill try to post on both blogs this weekend and things will be back on track in about two weeks.

oh and btw, to my big headed new sister-n-law Asmaa, fasting is NOT the speed in which you eat, but the abstinence of food! HA.


go see the BEAST


~ by siddiq khalifah on September 20, 2008.

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