On my way to Morning Prayer

sup khalifah-land ???

yeah, i gots ta be brief, no time and … (you figure it out yet???)

anyway. think adam sandler, prince, larry graham, what do they have in common, this one mite not be that ez???  post a comment if u decipher.

anyway i just got back from Fajr (morning prayer) i didn’t get 2 call anything today, “aww man” (in the wordz of swiper off dora the explorer)

Actually Im kiddin, yesterday i didnt call the adhan (The call to prayer), the iman did and he does it beautiful and so does the brother who normally calls at jumah and talim (ie, “the real caller”- not to be confused with oj’s “the real killer”.  im so crazy- like martin lawrence?!?!), but i did call the iqamat (A shortened verse of the Adhan, which is recited loudly to indicate that a congregational Prayer is about to start) yesterday as well which (to me) is a huge honor and a huge evolution for me! Allahu Akbar.  And though this is not the forum to further discuss, there are several people that inspired and several more that INSPIRE that padigm shift in my way of thinking!

I got a request to see my new bike, so here it is, special clipless pedal, which at times i cant disengage, like yesterday when i was carrying too much groceries back from the market, so i just fall down, STUCK. (Astaghfirallah).  Google that word and see the really kewl way in which i used it (you know without beating my own drum, I am still a … well we will refrain at least here and especially since it’s Ramadan, but u know where i was going.



~ by siddiq khalifah on September 3, 2008.

One Response to “On my way to Morning Prayer”

  1. The bike is GROOVY baby yeah!!. Shag the bike; it stands on it’s on. Kiss my mother with that mouth! What’s in the bag there?

    I have broken the code of the day with a cheat sheet of my own.

    You would have to surpass the binary system that bares the cemented numbers of forever…forever ever ever??

    Roll call

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