Hey Khalifahland-say Ca-LEV-E-LAND!

ah, maybe u finally get it, uh maybe u still dont, after 3 MONTHS ?

anyway, just saying salaam!

Im on the go.  busy. busy. busy.

there’s soem new peices of news, mostly will post on THAT OTHER BLOG. DONT BE SCURRED!, you freakin FRAIDY-CATZ!

say bye-bye to the original time travel tool (bike) itz gone 😦 but we had sum good times and she’s moving to NY, BK-Brooklyn actually, home of BIGGIE, BIGGIE and sum other small-time emcees (just the greatest group of mc’s male and female to ever grace a track. EVER. I should be from Brooklyn, based on that.  ACTUALLY im a better mc, especially FREESTYLE than I am bike rider (challenge that and ill make ur heart stop permanently- with my impromptu word delivery u moron-HA.) and WE KNOW how good of a bike rider I AM.

anyway, i got a juz (1/30th of the Holy Qu’ran) to finish before work.



~ by siddiq khalifah on September 2, 2008.

3 Responses to “Hey Khalifahland-say Ca-LEV-E-LAND!”

  1. May Allah make you successful in finishing the Qur’an.

    I would like to take out a few minutes to say “say la V” bike.. You served your tyme with the phenomenal artist and craft master. Though I havn’t had the extreme pleasure of meeting you, I trust that you did your ultimate best.

    You should have resisted and went to LA home of Pac , don’t get it twisted and wrinkle…. California Love !!


    Two fingers

  2. HaFornia?
    LOL. Anyway West Coast Sister in Islam, I feel like Im respondin 2 “lady of rage” or sumthing.
    my bike said he’s PRO-both coasts, even though lyrically from a hip-hop stand point “Brooknam” (“Go Brooklyn” in the works of the audio2-milk and giz and mc lyte, mc milk d’s sister) is a coast all itz own, superior even to the east as a whole or even the dirty (which is more a movement than a coast)
    BUT. your hero isnt from LA, (actually I can claim LA more legitimately since I lived their longer than the EMO RAPPER, associated with a “neighborhood” and experienced the true belly of the beast and streets of LA- WITHOUT BIG SUGE holdin my hand- HA.HA.HA).
    Your boy was raised in cali 4 a minute, THE BAY AREA (Oaktown) but u know as i know that area is as different from cali, especially SOUTHERN CAL-I-FORN-I-A as the north and south regions of the country, ASK E-FIZZLE (that’s E-40 to u nimrods) or JT the Bigga Figga (Game’s original producer/label chair) or THE INCOMPORABLE TODD SHAW/TOO SHORT. Thy’re “pimps”, LA is “gangstas”. Pac, hmmm good lyricist,, GREAT CRYBABY/EMO RAPPER!!! HA,
    I like him alot actually, but he is rooted EAST COAST. Grew up in Boston and spent the rest of the time living in New York, that’s why his shows were Puff produced and he got to help develop BIGGIE! Then ATL, with his mom where shot the cop in the (as Forest Gump would say) “buttocks”.
    Me and my bike LOVE LA, but Mr. Pac is not really a good representation other than mouth professing and hollywood conections.
    snoop. cube (even he is a partial transplant). kurupt (bi-coastal actually, but still WESTSIDE) ice-t. dub-c, cmw/mc eiht. ren. dre. cypress hill (part transplant). dialated peoples. alcoholics (xhibit is really detroit, so im really talkin defari and the likwit crew),
    these are better LA examples!

    didnt think i knew all that, did ya.

    those are better examples

  3. loool.. ha ha ! I don’t rock ruff n stuff with my afro puffs, howeva, I will be the first to tell you Pac a-licious is NOT my hero. I merly mentioned him to gain Westcoast weight. Not excluding the NWA, straight out of crackVania. Don’t even mention the SugTRee that de-fruited his riches by baring a crown too massive for his own shoulders. Anywho, it’s all tranquility my devoted brother.

    The fist

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