hey, i know ive been neglecting you guyz, sorry, but with Ramadan begininning, you’ll just have to stay watchful of new post etc.

last week still SMOKE FREE!  but workouts/runs cut back. Must regroup this week.

the beast announced he’s actually starting a true beast mode to coincide with ramadan, we’ll see MAYBE ill join him?????

last week REHASH

  • accepted into islamic grad skewl (probably won’t be able to attend with such short notice or short MONEY!!!!HA.)
  • met and interacted several times with kewl muslim doctor (bro. ibhahim wilson) @ cleve clinic where he is recovering WELL!
  • saw a kewl outdoor lunch show on thursday
  • chased the airshow planes as they practiced (all over the city)
  • went to browns game with a homegirl
  • chased a super bird-like insect
  • met islamic bros/sistas from alaska who have opened very first mosque there
  • http://www.alaskamasjid.com/
  • got new bike special pedals and completely up and running (OH MY)
  • picked my next, whoa.

ill be back in touch later. 

make sure YOU focus on pleasing THE Higher Power and how self-discipline and willful deprivation can and will improve your focus and spirituality.





++PLUS++ (kinda like Extra only “plus”.HA)

well i fixed me a heaping helping of hotcakes (the kind u just add water to) with delicious syrup (BTW “value time” brand, a generic supermarket type brand is clearly the best syrup OVERALL, not per capita, OVERALL, sorry big NAMES, itz the truth and my pancake research is at post-doctoral levels of accuracy and completeness) and PEANUT BUTTER, yummy (yeah i forgot the bananas and sprinkle of cinnamon, but…)

see since ramadan FAST starting this morning (it actually started yesterday due to sevral reasons, the sighting of the moon, saudi and the 30th day of Sha’aban i wanted to FUEL up for my first big day!

then i rode to the mosque and guess what!

i got to call the adhan and the iqamat in congregation for the largest amount of people i’ve ever called the prayer for on one of the most important days and important prayers of the year! in the wordz of my step son muhammad, HOO-RAY!


~ by siddiq khalifah on September 1, 2008.

2 Responses to “RAMADAN MUBARRAK! ++and what an HONOR++”

  1. salam alaikum, hey u, Yes, Ramadan is active and we have the opportunity to receive madd rewards x’s 10.

  2. hey u back,
    salaam. shukran, actually that’s perfect since I need about TEN TIMES the rewards, HA. but jokes aside, that’s especially beneficial in calculating the benefit of attending fajr, the reward is astronomical, Inshallah.

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