hi melanie.

hi marilyn.

“un-customers” is sort of like the “un cola”.


no im not @ the benz dealership spending all the fat commissions im getting off my 2 fav ladies @ my 2 fav non-profits!

just wanted to give u both a “shout out” and a SHAMELESS (i can’t believe even I would stoop this low) reminder/plug 4 OUR goals today. (yeah i know you both, especially my pal melanie) have other plans in mind, but…

wanna talk shameless?

on my way home on my bike (im very fast by-the way-near spaceship speeds by MY CALCULATIONS, though i MAY be SLIGHTLY BIASED- hmm, i wonder why?) i usually pass by marilyn’s local affiliate.

so THIS time, i decided to take a pic and clearly demonstrate what a GREAT TEAM, me, my bike and marilyn’s organization make!!!  (melanie- though u dont have a cleveland area branch, i have an unlimited imagination, so…)

Marilyn, this should be enough to push Pam (big boss lady and exec direc) right over the edge (right?), it ALL seems so CLEAR TO ME! HA.

above im pictured with my bike! if u look real close there’s a lil pic of my daughter on the coffee mug,

yes i drink coffee, typically not water when im riding (please also remember i consider myself a super-hero too, so…)  here’s a better pic of “baby beast” (“daughter of beast” or “beast2”) as i like to fondly think of her, my baby girl, ZAHRAH! (she gets plugged shamelessly or not, that’s daddy’s (yes-beast’s) job!

u can also note i actually wear that 20 pound vest and 20-35 pound back pack that i so OFTEN brag about/casually mention (wonder which technique i’ll use 2day?), SEE IT?

im pictured outside the cleveland clinic @ the ronald mcdonald house.


and here’s a link 2 the location my friends marilyn and pam work at/run.



and also please look into the efforts of my friend melanie’s nature center (aldo leopold nature center), as i mention quite frequently im a lover of children and animals and this place should host BOTH!


as you should well know my efforts are entirely inspired to assist children @ this time and obviously


well.  itz been a pleasure working with both you young ladies and i thoroughly enjoy our NON-TELECOM related talks, you know about ME and MY BIKE, ETC!!!  (im so multifaceted, huh?)


disclaimer:  these links, etc in no way suggest or imply mutual sponsorship or support by these or previously mention organizations/programs, they are only a journalizing of things its author and “director” of is doing and interesting people and organizations he feels you should be aware of to make your own choices to support!

CUT.  (im using my “director” authority now!) please tell me u are lol (laughing out loud), because i am!


~ by siddiq khalifah on August 27, 2008.

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