Be careful before you judge

At friday’s jumah, brother faz surprised me and had left whe hospital early, all the bros. were glad to see his progress. I dont have anywhere 2 ride 2 day now? well that’s a good thing and actually i do another brother is enteering the hospital or has already, Inshallah, ill make it over there today, though my back rim is shot and i had to order another one yesterday from my man Amir @ Easy Rider on 131st (near harvard)!  Amir’s price was less than half that of bicycle boulevard in shaker (dont tell him, i wanna keep it coming!

anyway, im very happy 4 bro. faz and his family concerning his recovery.

but the post’s title reflects a conversation i had with one of my former teachers in islam (or my early stages) Min. Roland Muhammad, who i still admire the God i see in this man, though i cannot agree with some of the doctrine that he supports omay believe in (i honestly feel this man believes the sunnah, but choses to make an impact to his people thru a teaching that they will understand easier for the moment, but i guses you’d have to talk to bro. roland to find that out for sure, now wouldn’t you?!

Min. Roland reminded me not to be so quick to judge or call soemone an asshole because you dont know their plight or how a situation may have come into fruition.  For the sake of seving Allah-SWT and representing truth (ie. living up to my muslim name “Siddiq”), the so called “word on the streets”  is that this was not really a hate crime as initially reported, but more of an end result of constant and long-term disagreements between bro. faz and some of the neighborhood youths.  And it has also been brought 2 my attention that bro. faz is rumored to have had a history of brandishing a firearm during several of these “disagreements”. 

Inshallah, everyone will learn from this and move on.  Im not sure how bro. faz represented himself during some of these trials, but i know i’ve seen a humble and sincere side to him and his family and not JUST because they were going through some sort of pain.  As far as the neighborhood folks, it’s your “hood” and its your responsibility to avoid things like this at all cost, YOU HAVE TO LIVE THERE.  Make sure that every opportunity possible is afforded to someone before you respond in a manner like this, whether you feel you are being sovereign or not.

there are several major announcements, actually life redefining that will be made on these 2 blogs depending on the content in the next few days, some of them will be shocking.

people, places, things TO SAY THE LEAST.  these announcements are gonna be a trip. and blogging is going to be minimized, you’ll get a better understanding, actually this may be passed on to someone else. well im bout 2 bounce.  but be careful what u ask 4 and b prepared to own up! whoa. some of these announcements r so KRAZY, even i cant believe it.




~ by siddiq khalifah on August 17, 2008.

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