Quick update

im sore

my left hip is having a slight pain (mostly when i run, which isn’t much)

that near gear setting is incredible, i couldn’t even make it up “mt fitnah” (fairhill) completely my 1st day and just barely did yesterday (actually Allah-SWT pushed me the last few hundred feet)

congregational prayers attendance going good but i haven’t been able to figure out a schedule that truely accomplishes all

smoking, unfortunatley yes, but have cut back.

work, oy vay!

resistance- better!

other life stuff- exactly that. and ive gotta locate a new place too, which i really dont have time for, but i must do.  i gotta catch myself up 2 where i want to be in arabic class too. (inshallah-God be Willing, this weekend.

well not much time to blog, so


send emails or post comments and i’ll respond.

make sure to go back on both blogs and look at lots of posts (and the photoblog!)

Oh and Im really feelin China! (srry)


~ by siddiq khalifah on August 14, 2008.

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