EXTRA: well maybe i should worry a little? man, i went and made prayer and then got caught in a storm twice in shorts and a short sleeve shirt with 1 power bar on my phone on my bike going from my house to west 25th. Im no wile coyote am i? (he’s a super genius, he’s told us many times!).

I had 2 buy a poncho. a poncho, YOU GEEK. and wait til you see this wrestling footage i got. there was a wretling group (like wwe-style) performing, remember it’s entertainment, it’s not real except WHEN RICK FLAIR WINS (no anti-flair comments will get approved HERE people EVER!)


Hey Bootleggers, I need dat ZOHAN, NOW!

NEW to Khalifahland?

1. Im Krazy

2. Im also a supehero

3. My alter ego is named THE BEAST and he has a kewler and more popular blog, JUST click the THE BEAST BLOG link to the right.

4. THE VEST is a 20 pound weight vest that i use to increase my cardio workout and over compensate for still smoking, PLUS it looks really kewl and I think girls like it!? HA.

5. Im Krazy.

6. That track playin in the back is pretty kewl too, it’s off a lil wayne and game cd “blood is thicker than water” (track 6).

7. Im hyped, happy and KEWL (oh that’s why you here, AINT IT?)

Whoa. remember #1 and #5 above!

Oh, go and see what THE BEAST ANNOUNCED THIS MORNIG, he’s an idiot!!!


~ by siddiq khalifah on August 10, 2008.

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