PLUS EXTRA: Very KEWL new comment! Whatcha doin?


oh, and i got up, said a remembrance to my Higher Power, got some coffee, screwed with my bike, took a little ride (about 6 miles), made prayer, helped someone out, rode home, did some job hunting on computer, took a little run (13 MILES-half marathon), still gotta do 2 resistance session and RIDE MY BIKE. May BE A BEAST AND RUN AGAIN 2!

so dat’s what I did,



EXTRA: well it’s almost 10 and raining, so i probably wont run , but may still ride bike at least to make night prayer at the mosque!  I still need to try to do resistance so i dont HAVE to double up tommorow. That earlier run, really tired me out and i never quite recovered.

I talked to my friend Haj this evening for about an hour. I like Haj, i dont talk to hjim much, but he was my friend before i was muslim , we went to college together and in 1997 we worked in the same building and he was very encouraging to me towards truly learning my religon and taking it seriously. He may have forgot, but before that Ramadan, he went and picked up a Transliteration Holy Qu’ran for me. Still I ultimately ended up rejoining the Nation of Islam for a time (which was a learning experience and testing ground for me that i don’t regret and have fondness of the experience for THAT time in my life). Two Ramadan’s ago Haj said some things concerning innovation or “bidat” that i still find very powerful and he said some inspiring things this evening as well.

Earlier today I ran into my “best man” when I made prayer at masjid uqbah (they were having a workshop on death and jinaza (funerals)). That’s a little too morbid for my saturday buck!!! Anway, Ephraim, worked with my father and is close to my “uncle” Idris who is islamically conscious, but not a muslim by religion.  Brother Ephraim used to lead a mosque in Lorain as imam and is a really good person, I’m glad i got his contact info.


i beleive im gonna rest for the rest of the eve and really make tommorrow a grind. I gotta be up early anyway.  Im gonna do a tentative BEAST MODE schedule for next week to try and be better organized and put a little more structure in my objectives for the week, especially as they relate to coordinating, prayer, work and training (IN THAT ORDER). oh yeah and 4th a real distant 4th though, cuz i dont have much time BLOGGING. The Beast has been so busy he hasn’t posted in days?


~ by siddiq khalifah on August 9, 2008.

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