Music Non-Stop- Kraftwerk

This is one of my favorite bands/movements of all-time. These guys single-handedly revolutionized modern music and their impact IS hip-hop (afrika bambaata and the soul sonic force basically covered there song “numbers” with a rap added to make “planet rock”) techno, drum n bass, industrial as well as a german invasion that branched into many other facets of music AND LINE DANCING, electric slide, monorail, etc (did i lose you here?)  all started with their son trans europe express” (the same line dance that you see even today on cmt (country music television). 

their song “tour de france” is one of my motivational songs running and DEFINITELY biking. That song was featured back in the day in a hip-hop classic, “breakin” (i met “turbo” the breaker in the footage a few years ago when i lived in cali!)

these guys are GREAT!

well, yesterday evening when i was leaving an islamic store and about to bike home after i left the mosque, a brother saw me putting on headphones and aske what was i listening to and i told him. then he was so nice as to inform me of ALL (lol) the hadiths (islamic records of the way of propet Muhammad-PBUH).

that kinda struck a nerve, the brother was following hadith and doping his job by sharing the info, but i personally am not 100 % sure where that fits in with me, now, etc. many muslims would condider that bidat (innovation) and that i (as many mother muslims) are knowingly commiting haram (forbidden acts).

i love music alot. it’s artisic expression, fun, interesting, etc. so the realization that ultimately i may have to amke a choice isn’t something im happy with, but is a reality.

in absolute literal interpretation of islamic protocols, MANY things i continue to do are haram and many things ive had a hard time giving up are to. sports, movies, tv, cigarettes, ear rings (for men and many say piercing of the ears for women) etc.

but at this point i enjoy music and i have no plans to give it up anytime soon, unless my hiigher power makes it completely clear to me that it displeases him.  

Allah is the best knower.

really the ONLY knower.



first work week i made very mornig prayer at the mosque, on-time. THAT WAS MY BIGGEST GOAL for the week! more definition of week two’s goals later. But BOY are they getting bumped up! It’s gonna be ridiculous.  i titred. see ya.


~ by siddiq khalifah on August 8, 2008.

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