Time is Finite, BUT Dreams Aren’t

Hey Khalifahland. If u cant tell, im a little busier than before and BEAST MODE is taking its early toll. Im pretty tired alot even though I haven’t dramtically increased workloads and as I discussed there are some intangibles in BEAST MODE, such as MANDATATORY MORNING (FAJR) PRAYER in congregation (at a mosque) and making as many other prayers as possible, I’m actually averaging more than 3 (of the obligatory 5) prayers. So I am pleased and hopes this pleases Allah (SWT). Being at mosque as late as 11 PM and following it up with being back around 5 AM is difficult, but beneficial.

Im running short distances vested (with a 20 lb. weight vest) or at increased speeds during my lunch hour (which biking/running during lunch seemed to throw off my overall schedule and motivation @ work, but there really isn’t an option at this point).  About 30 miles a day vested on my bike and at least one NICE resistance! (but i have to be careful im trying to cut, but im sweling- chicks dig it though. HA.- joke, “chickens” have never seemed to take to me, now parrots, that’s a different subject, once there was this parrot in streetsboro…uh we’ll “BEASTBLOG” that. <– NEW VERB!!! Kewl. And I’ve been doing stairs every other day on average.

But now I am going to have to start doing interval (sprints) YUCK and squat thrusts (burpees) as well as run alot more. I need to ramp up to 50 miles, 70, 85 then 100 increasing each week, in addition to everything else. STRAIGHT BEAST. Obviously I need to completely stop smoking for this not to be torture.

Right now I’m actually a stronger biker than runner, this partially came from dealing w/depression and using my bike as a tool to fight it. I WAS VERY DEPRESSED, so now I am a VERY GOOD BIKER. HA. But serious. If I could have took off today, I would have rode with this gorup to Cincinnati over the weekend, pretty kewl bunch and good cause, as i had already mention cancer and supported it with links, coincidentally I met someone @ a bike shop in shaker that is doing this and it’s sponsored by one of the cancer orgs I had already cited! Boy my info was timely.




~ by siddiq khalifah on August 7, 2008.

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