Israel has DENIED our request

more details later, but the Israeli Embassy has unequivocally denied our request to run half a marathon in Gaza.

see for more details of our agenda.

but its gettin ran, as U2 said, “with or without” them.


Dear Ms. Washington,


Thank you again for contacting the Embassy of Israel.


The government of Israel has declared Gaza as a hostile territory. Unfortunately, your proposal cannot be implemented at this time.


Thank your for your interest.




Shelley Rosenberg


Shelley Rosenberg

Office of Public Affairs

Embassy of Israel

3514 International Drive, NW, Washington, D.C. 20008

Tel: 202-364-5548 // Fax: 202-364-5423


First they called me a girl!

Second my request was open for Gaza or West Bank.

Third, JUST SHOOT ME. HA. we will move foward, I didn’t ask Israel to run in Gaza with me, I asked for secure passage ON THEIR SIDE.

Here is our original contact with them (PLEASE NOTE THESE ARE ONLY TWO out of several communications, so presumptions wouold not be correct to them or me, but it’s our wish to do this, it’s not for them to qualify if the other country, their influence or not is dangerous or not, AS A MATTER OF FACTLY, that’s WHY we wanna run their, it’s hostile” for all those CHILDREN THERE TOO).


~ by siddiq khalifah on August 7, 2008.

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