Whoa, This Blog might…

break its all-time record, but there’s no way it will catch the BEAST’S all-time mark set yesterday and he seems to be loungin but he’s almost at 100 HITS HIMSELF!

I did alot of busy work early and still have some to go!

eventually I ended up on my bike and headed west to see bro Faz in the hospital and God is the Greatest (Allahu Akbar). He’s doing a whole lot better, talking (his english is poor and i haven’t learned any uzbek or russian). But his son and wife were there! And there’s is pretty good, actually his wife’s might be better than… well anyway.  He’s all patched-succesfully skin graphed so his stomach is no longer exposed and expects to be out before Ramadan (Inshallah-if yall dont remember this means God be Willing by now, somethings wrong witcha, except for the newcomers!). It was ineteresting because usually im in and out, but he was feeling so good and when he asked his son to pull up a chair i knew he wanted me to stay a little longer and so did his fmaily. That was a HUGE compliment and made me feel good and my efforts appreciated-even though I can only do things to please Allah (SWT). I stayed about a half hour or so and learned  a few things from both he and his wife (she’s a real nice lady!). And learned a little more about their families plight and trials and life is hard and with its burdens for alot of people. They insisted I take some Ensure (which i like btw) and loaded me up with all these fruit punches and juice which i downed befoere i even made completely across town. You know as i share dpartially with them, it felt good to have someone thankful for me, but i am also thankful to them. Having that hospital as a target goal to ride the very first time was longer than i had ever road before, especially once you tack on the shoreline, etc and the journey’s since have motivated me to stop thinking of me and my problems/situations and think about someone else. Since i travel by bike to and fro and always somehow attach congregational prayer at a mosque coming and/or going (usually both), actually they have been a Godsend for me!

I crossed town made prayer and now i am home, i still have alot to do today (there’s this fly in my house by the way that is so annoying, it’d be like if you shrunk ME, put wings on me and made yourself a stationary object-sheesh). so im off. 

Thanks for visiting, several minor announcements on both blogs. But there have been several MAJOR changes in future plan, im gonna leave it at that for now.

And you wont believe this, THE BEAST now owns www.thebeastblog.com, WHAT AN IDIOT and he’s attaching HIS blog to it.

PEACE. See ya @ the finish lineS (no misprint). Figure it out.


~ by siddiq khalifah on August 3, 2008.

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