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DISCALIMER: this post in no way reflects any negative opinion towards ANYONE or their intents or objetcives.

Some one commented and the BEAST responded. (“Ruh Roh Raggy”)

so its on and crackin on the other site baby.

Hey Khalifahland!

Im kinda breaking my own rule here about personal info on this blog, but it pertains to me and no one else and it honestly cannot be separated from who I am. 

I just got notification that i permanently lost all visitation/custody rights to my daughter as well as any chance of ever having a protection order removed from me for the next four years and all of my contrbutions thus far to my daughter and former family count as a gift.  The notification was very impersonal, to say the least, but such is life and its trials.

Though my financial contributions far exceeded the agreed upon amounts, legally since those monies now count as a gift I am a “dead beat dad”.  I personally never equated being a “dead beat dad” with financial concerns anyway, especially in a scenario where one parent’s resources are exponentially greater than the others and comfortably exceed the means to support a child.  But I always did and still do consider one to be a “dead beat dad” one that does not take an active roll in the lives of his children or step children.  So I have now become exactly that, not by choice, but by situation and the choices others made in my behalf.  I accept the fact that I only can as serenity prayer states “Accept the things I cannot change, (have) the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference”.  There is nothing that I can do that will ultimately benefit or assist you two beautiful children in this matter, so I have no choice, but to permanently concede.

By Allah’s (SWT) Grace, I am accepting and pleased by this decision, for if it be His Will, I have no other choice as a believer.

I write these words in hope that by record of this blog, that my daughter is at least afforded the opportunity to one day know with all certainty that her father did everything in his power to be part of her life and to positively impact his own as well as the lives of others. I also hope my former stepson KNOWS the exact same things (and then some!).  I love you both.

I was simply outmanned and another afforded the victory that they desired and obviously deserved.  I did not have the money or legal know how to fight the good fight in this case and I did not have clear understanding of what was actually transpiring.  Please forgive me.

I will continue to try and put away $ as I can in the small education funds that I started for each of you and I will keep you both, your success and the success of those who support you in the forefront of my prayers.


There will be no further comment nor will any comment in regards to this post be posted ON THIS BLOG.

Thank you.

I have chosen to be happy for my daughter’s family and accept that I cannot legally or otherwise see my child or stepson, but it may be best for you to pursue other avenues, depending on the situation.  Try these links for info.

here is a couple links for dads

here is a link for mothers who aren’t getting support or other issues

here’s a link that addresses grandparental rights

here’s a link that addresses ALL parties rights (im not sure if it addresses any rights for the actual child. LOL-but EVERYONE else)


~ by siddiq khalifah on August 2, 2008.

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