Here’s a TASTE Khalifahland of LAST SUNDAY’S BIKE TOUR PIX!!!

I left from home and then went and caught the tail end of talim (islamic and qu’ran study class) and made prayer, im also got to be witness to someone taking shahada (making public declaration of faith to the oneness of God and the believe that Muhammad is His Messenger- ie. becoming muslim).  Actually the Brother that gave me my first “dress” HA (or thobe-the blue one, i was so green i took a picture of IT, not me wearing it!), it was his wife and 2 children that “became muslim” that day.

So then i left and headed up to Shaker quare, near where I used to live and actually always, since i was a boy one of my favorite spots.  The first apartment we lived in shortly after my birth until near five years of age was right down the street (an i can vividly remember it!)

I saw “The Wiz here, but my Godmother Betty wouldn’t let me and my sister sit in the balcony, this was before they converted it into a multiplex 😦 .  That boy Richard Pryor said “YOU WANTED TO MEET THE WIZARRRRRRRRRDDDDD!!!”

this place is kinda unique, though the two original Arabica’s, by far the most historic cleveland-based coffee house used to have a location here and the next place we’re going, coventry (maybe my all-time area fav?) did as well.  this place is kinda a friendly intimate new version of that here, called Dewey’s.

now look @ my shadow 2 get an idea of how big this goldfish is.  Actually they’re called koy and more resemble a carp, but they have many that are bright orange goldfish colored. I LIKE THEM! we are now at shaker lakes a system of small lakes and ponds within the community i grew up in shaker hts, and partially (at least this one shared with neighbnorin-near mirror image community cleveland hts.- our arch rivals- yeah, still HEIGHTS BITES! I sed it, yup, i sed it! HA.

here’s a view of the pretty lake!  i used to jog around here!

a kewl man made bridge opposite of the lake which feeds this stream.

many of the pix from here on out on this tour suck.  not just cuz i…, but because im taking most of them while ACTUALLY RIDING PASS THE ITEMS BEING PHOTOGRAPHED (INCLUDING THIS ONE), because start n stop is a hassle n cuz i am actually working out n i want to get all the way west (side of cleveland) and back in a reasonable time frame.

I’ve told u, though i here some rumbling that u dont believe me, that in short spaces and high taffic, im am faster than a car. no HA. I sed it and to the cars i ride to work with, i mean ride pass on the way 2 work. Get wid me, if u can, we do this everyday, dont we and UNLESS THE LIGHT HELPS YOU, I WIN, dont I?-tell the truth.

Anyway as im passing cars as usual, really, i look up and see this skateboarder going faster THAN ME. what the…? he’s going well over 20 miles an hour.  WHOA.  so i snap this on the go and try to snap one of me passing him by, he even posed when i told him what i was trying to do as i was passing by him, but it didnt work.  Then of course i restored the universe to its natural order and made it to the midpoint of the coventry hill about 15 minutes before he finally came coasting past.  LIKE THAT SHOULD SURPRISE YOU and i still smoke, if i didn’t ID RACE FREAKING MOTORCYCLES, CROTCH ROCKETS, NOT HARLEYS. Ask someone.

well that’s a peak, ill attach more later or put up another post.


and if u are driving and passed by, by a decent looking, kewl, black man on a bike, honk and sceam “HI SIDDIQ” cuz it could only be me. DO THE MATH.

btw, after 3 pm tom, the streets “aint safe no more” (Busta Rhymes), my bike will be repaired after two days down time and my legs are fresh. if u challenge me in ur car, do it UPHILL and have 6 cylinders or better or u will get you and your car’s feelings hurt. I am not playing. I TOLD EM JOHN. I TOLD EM.  Oh and my bike computer was set wrong, im faster than a moped on flat land (unless it is very expensive or has been modified by taking the govenor out- that controls the release of fuel- THAT’S SAD, YOU HAVE TO ILLEGALLY MODIFY A MOPED TO NEARLY BLOW UP THE ENGINE TO KEEP UP WITH ME, WHO STILL SMOKES AT ANY POINT IN MY BIKE WORKOUT, BEGINnING, MIDDLE OR END. QUOTE IT. DON’T BELIEVE ME, BRING YOUR MOPED. NO HA THERE, IT AINT FUNNY, TO YOU AT LEAST NOR IS IT A JOKE. MY NAME IS SIDDIQ ON THIS BLOG, BUT I GOT NEWS 4 YOU PLAYERS AND PLAYERETTES. I AM NOT JUST A BEAST, I AM THE BEAST).



~ by siddiq khalifah on August 1, 2008.

2 Responses to “Here’s a TASTE Khalifahland of LAST SUNDAY’S BIKE TOUR PIX!!!”

  1. Wow Linds,

    I’m so proud of you! It has been a long time brah! I’ll pray for you in your journey! Keep the faith and may God continue to keep and bless you always.


    A Friend Loveth At All Times

    Proverbs 17:17


    i put together a whole post concerning you sisters I rename BETA QUEENS, i used to come up with some pretty bad ones when u were pledging!

    but ill continue this comment later thanks.

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