Why am I happy?

Hmmmm.  Allahu Akabar (God is the Greatest).

Pretty much because I have faith and confidence in my higher power to make the best accomodations for me, whethe I like em or not.

The past few weeks have been, well…interesting to say the least and the most recent few days as well. I don’t really have time to go into details, but lots of stuff has not went according to plan i the past few days, transportation, exercise, mosque attendance, work, compensation (again, and this time, wow, nearly 1300 less than expected with alt least 440 and possibly 240 unrecoverable. Sheesh. Im not sweating it though. NEVER LET EM SEE YOU SWEAT), personal relationships, immediate family (that’s all i consider as family in the only true sense of the word now and i mean biological attachments as well), computer, bike, other toe (after all that rest from running?) and so forth. 

but there have been some good and GREAT things to happen also. mostly small. a couple of new “friendships”, a very important small memorization of the Qu’ran (probably biggest accomplishment and its only a few words!), a couple of reacquaintances with old friends, mostly thru this site and blog! a nice start to pre beast mode , even did stairs (BUT SLACKED yesterday evening after me and bike stranded) and mosque attendance/prayer and a HUGE ONE; acceptance and joy with several situations i really 4 sum time had a hard, yup hard time dealing with.  now those same end results bring joy to me and a smile on my face, JUST TO NAME A FEW. i know ive been neglecting you guyz, sorry. and thanks 4 the emails, but id prefer you post in comment sections (i dont have time to repost to blog anymore. THANKS. THAT MEANS YALL!!!). 

hey i got some pretty kewl pix from the sunday bike tour, ill get em up by fri, INSHALLAH (God be Willing).

4 now i will leave you with this, one of the things i memorized was one of my favorite chapters or SURAHS in the Qu’ran (which has been posted in its entirety previously on this blog, search for that entry!) called “The Kafr” (Al Kafiroon). It basically speaks of hypocrits and not being of them so not being able to be on the same page.

well if you dont have the same belief system as someone else, especially on things that matter, don’t expect very good results in shared ideology discussions or practices, IT AINT HAPPENIN CAPTIN (yes that’s ebonics for captain).

BUT DONT BE SO QUICK TO JUDGE ANOTHER AS A KAFR (or hypocrit). You can have your beliefs, goals, objectives, etc as they relate to you and your understanding of Allah-SWT (God) without clarifying or defining another as other than yourself. That manifests itself ANYWAY,s o there is no need and it just isn’t right AND YOU CAN MISS OUT on identifying ANY SIMILARITIES, if you concentrate so much on the differences.

after my bike rim broke (bent to the point of not being able to use) and i blew a flat, i was stranded. I wasn’t aware my parents were still down south, sunbathing in Florida after attending a family reunion in Georgia, in a little place called Tobbleton.  So i had to make it home the best way i could with the bike, on the bus.  well at the transfer point, i stood and watched my bus pull off, right in front of me, which meant id have to wait at least a half hour.  so while waiting, i was in front of this, kinda ghetto, NO GHET-TO corner store (only no on a corner and no alcohol). NUmber predictions etc and small goods and snacks seem to be their mainstay. the way they sat outside yapping about the neighborhood, etc reminder me of ther south. anyway, numbers, drinking, colorful language, etc, i felt a little, well… as a matter of fact, some woman passed by and had a costume malfunction right in fornt of me, fortunately i didnt notice the malfuction, just her making the readjustments and making verbal reference to it (actually she looked at me and said sorry. HA). so here i am and i couldn’t make it to afternoon or (asr) prayer because i was nowhere near a mosque. so i had water on my bike and make wudu (preparation for prayer washing) in the bus shelter, and looked around for a place to make prayer (i keep a prayer rug with me).

so i asked the guy (wearing a processed PERM-im so judgemental, but when the ladies were talikin bout getting their hair done and HE said he had an appointment friday i almost lost it!) because i could tell he was the boss, “can i make salat in your store”.  and he responded “you can make salat anywhere brother, which showed me he had some isalmic training and i even exchanged salaams with him after i completed my prayer.

so, my theory (kinda like springer’s final thought). don’t judge and dont miss the forest because of the trees. i found a ghetto spot where i mite go back one day and get a cup of coffee, simply because i appreciated their hospitality in appeasing this request. also, no matter the situation, there are consious or semi-conscious people in all walks of life, for all kinds of reasons.

i got pix of that shop, ill post later.

gotta go. last day of the month.


im averaging over 100 hits aday and i cant even get a comment out you folks???


~ by siddiq khalifah on July 31, 2008.

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