Yall is trippin

I see you guyz like this beast, huh?

well if YOU haven’t met HIM yet go to


that just became the scond all-time viewd post and i the time frame it did the numbers, probably NUMBER 1 of all-time.



Well i’ll keep it coming.

there are alot more character’s too.

That Bat Man movie is so long it’s ridiculous.

Dude, you let ur woman die.  Uh UH, that aint SUPER (but she was planning on leavin so maybe…)

You watch the joker just make a mockery of all authority legal, illegal and otherwise.

When that joker blew up his own opwrker by exploding a cell phone surgically implanted in him, i was like dang, joker if u could have only been a little less evil, i may have worked with you or got u in an apprentice program.

well, im tryin to get sum goofy stuff done, more details later, BUT THANKS.

I gotta admit, you people are alright, but check out the other site too.

im telling you, its gonna be a monster! (ha).


~ by siddiq khalifah on July 26, 2008.

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