u can make your mouth say anything

when i was in the Nation of Islam they referred to this as “Mouth Professing”.

“O you who believe why do you not do that which yo say (you will)?  It is a monstrosity before Allh to say that which you not do.”

after work i ride my bike straight to mosque for the asr (or afternoon) prayer.  I humps!  It’s quite a ways from where I work and it starts soon after i get off (for now, both prayer time- it changes and obligation to job- it’s ending!).

Anyway when i make it in time i sometimes read in between the call to prayer and the actual prayer and i came across this today, which really hit home for me.  Occupationally, socially and other lately i’ve run across people who say one thing and do another.  I realize it is unwise to put faith or trust in human beings, but i try to be optimistic.  but in reality the only thing that faith or trust can be directed to is Allah (God).

I did that today and under duress had one of the best and most productive days EVER. Allahu Akbar.

xxtra special thanks 2 mom n dad 4 checkin on me, michelle for getting me snacks and hopeful and encouraging words (same to aisha), BIG JAY FOR BRINGING ME THE BATMAN BOOTLEG AS PROMISED, which gave me something to look forward to for the evening, my manager Tom for letting this ride on out, so i can do what i need 2 do now and ride off into the sunset, the other manager (my homeboy) Duane for trying to keep my head in the game as always (even though he has a patchwork hodgepodge of individuals on HIS OWN team to worry about and of course all of you that came to the blogs THURSDAY, even though i didn’t really post.

also i see there are certain blogs that some of you are still viewing.  those  post are going to be removed shortly.  i promised to keep them up but when i change the format, the name etc, then that blog will be a new blog, for a new day and probably won’t contain them any longer and in the even it does they will probably be modified or edited.




~ by siddiq khalifah on July 24, 2008.

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