Bicycle, Bycycle. I want to ride my Bicycle – Queen


yeah, RITE. I wish.  No, this isn’t my bike, mine’s not as colorful, IM PRO-BLACK you know. HA!

biking is saving my life in someways or at least preserving me.

it’s my only rec ore exercise rite now, while i get past sum issues, but im gonna increase that, start back on resistance and TRY to start running ( i haven’t in a week).  Im still getting some result though, especially since i’ve been overeating and not eating the way i should. Also i gotta get ober this smoking thing.  But im not pressing, rushing or forcing, I’ll let Allah (SWT) assist me and take a more prayerful and spiritual route and paitently wait for the results, though i plan on getting back on the wagon ASAP, like TODAY, but have no expectations.  I’ve given up on expectations period, especially as they apply to humans!

Im out.


~ by siddiq khalifah on July 24, 2008.

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