When People LIE to You

people lying about you has its own set of ailments, but when people lie to you, it’s a different sort of “beast” (yeah i cracked one funny in a whole post). you know, just shake it off is easier said than done, especially when no matter the situation you still foolishly hold trust with someone, at least on share or mutual interest.  but when that trust is totally abandoned and you are left holding the bag, its painful and frustrating. sometimes we are in situations where we have to deal with people, other times we aren’t, regardless, if you are dealing with them and in some regards the outcome is dependent on being aware of the ohter’s movements and what is going on it can really get messed up.  i found out something that was done to me this evening, which unfortunately nailed my coffin shut. due to the nature of this i mite as well take this opportunity to say, though i will be continuing an exercise program, we are not going to be able to move foward with the charities, etc at this time.  in one behind your back underhanded move, considering how it directly affects several other things going on, someone was able to get their win.  i am happy 4 them. but, their win is at the cost of my, job, my efforts to keep my house, my intent on going to a grad program for islamic studies, the charities and several other things including these blogs.  im not mad.  i was hurt for a minute,  but as my mother shared with me, i should have never expected anything else and she had tried to warn me (we even fell out about it as a topic and my father currently isn’t really speaking to me, that is an indirect comment regarding the “retaining your family name thing” (i said i wouldn’t discuss too much on here), which due to this situation HE asked me NOT to or make reference to being his son.  i feel bad that im not going to be able to be ofassistance to these programs the way i wanted or my daughter for that matter, but some things we dont have control over, and believing in someone or even someone’s word and then having them lie in your face, when their goals and objectives could have been accomplished to, if they simply didn’t go behind your back and get you to believe something that wasn’t true is silly.  had i been aware of what was going on, it would have been fine, but because i wasn’t and had some things tied up and prioritized and planned my strategy based on their word, i just lost the very little i had. 

but in Allah (SWT’s) name im fine with that and may HE continue to bless that person and i have the utmost faith and confidence that he will guide me in the direction he wants 4 me.

hey since i mite not have 2 many of these ops, id like 2 especially thank AISHA (the pixie girl) – i really dug what you said earlier and the positives you gave me, and Michelle Sommerville (my Big Sis, even though we the same age, both products of EAST CLEVELAND BABY, only she c/o 87 shaw and i defected (but alwayz kept my neighborhood in my heart) and am c/o 87 shaker.  you guyz have been the bomb the past few days, i wouldn’t of made it.  michelle thanks 4 showing me how 2 still get ur last check!!!!!!!!!!!  KIT. i’ll miss y’all. sorry, i just cant continue any further AT PRESENT with anything. oh and Isha, pay attention to the leader board. HA!  🙂

i alwayz prided myself of not being a quitter, but sometimes one has to give up to survive, and this is one of those moments.  i chose to post these comments and my pre-farewell here, because this is where it started and the beast blog though popular was to correct an issue, give me a place to vent and separate me the charity runner from me the person and all said after just under a week im not sure if that was very healthy considering the time. and i also kina think it conceded to other’s wishes and not my own minus the humor factor.  if i in my totality wasn’t acceptable here, then simply dividing me in two and in some ways pretending the other part of me didn’t exist was an insult and if i have to change or pretend who i am to try and help others maybe im not so much help after all.

salaam peoples.


~ by siddiq khalifah on July 23, 2008.

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