TOMMOROW’S THE BIG DAY, Lindsey Charles Washington Jr. BECOMES Siddiq “Somerthing”???

Actually Siddiq Mujahid Khalifah Washington or Siddiq Mujahid Khalifah-Washington.

(BEAST’S NAME STAY THE SAME, though he may be considering adding a “Muhammad” or something, he’s weird like that)

HEY I CHANGED MY MIND after talking to my brother from the East, also named SIDDIQ (no relation and I found out later, his is actually spelled “Sadique”!) HA.  And Im sticking with keepin my SLAVE NAME, hey my daddy wadn’t NO SLAVE!!! (yeah i purposely spelled it WADN’T).

more l8r. yup imma texter too.  u cant jus spend all your life bloggin, CAN U?


~ by siddiq khalifah on July 22, 2008.

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