+++BIKE TRIP UPDATE EXTRA.+++ Third (My Bad, actually the FOURTH) BIGGEST STATS EVER – and on a Saturday? U go Boy (and Girls)!


I see sum NEWCOMERS have arrived!!!

THE OTHER BLOG IS AT  http://siddiqkhalifahbeastblog.wordpress.com/ YOU’LL PROBABLY enjoy the current post (it almost should be here, NOT there, but this BEAST guy is kinda alwayz in a rush !  So if you’re new, you’ll kinda have to bounce around a bit to catch up.  THANKS


Well, Im bout 2 lift, carb overload (a technique u use when u anticipate a drooling amount of physical exertion), then start (are you ready 4 this?)…

















This is NOT MY bike.


TOUR DE KHALIFAH 2 – The Saturday NIte Edition

Tentatively when it kewls down i’ll try to ride from cleveland to akron.

i anticipate bike trouble (and possibly rain) because rims are slightly bent, but im bringin a hammer (not kidding) and i planned this thursday so i bought a spare innertube (God be Willing I won’t need it).

It’s gonna be a long ride, but WHY NOT? Im not motivated to run.  I can usually run thru problems, but I have 2 get started running first (should this be on the other BLOG- you’re gonna get alot of that. i doubt too much on the flipside though-BTW BEAST says HELLO- in a VERY, VERY, VERY SCARY VOICE- im actually feeling just a little bit uncormfortable about goin in that basement to lift, he does share CLOSE proximity to ME!).

Anyway.  Thanks for visiting today and Im sure Beast would say the same, WE see you’ve already started going there.


EXTRA: ETA 9:30 PM. bought 2 pack a “lunch” get hydrated and set to go. We’ll see how far I get, Looks like rain, too!  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. It’s actuall RAINING, this bites, cuz i still GOTTA GO (unless I see lightening, Siddiq DONT DO lightening).

“Awwww Man” in the words of Swiper off Dora the Explorer

and i gotta wear that stupid helmet cuz its so far and at nite. That’s why I dont’ ride thru shaker much (and when i do i cut thru WOTHOUT a helmet-HA.)


it’s almost 9 PM and i HAMMERED MY RIMS A BIT (I AINT TAKEN NO HAMMER TO AKRON) and Im about 2 leave, but, last minute i changed in to a reflective shirt, brought out a blinker for my arm i normally only use running at nite and in case of emergency a headlamp and extra batteries for it that i usuallyonly use for rural nite running.  lunch packed, 3 fat burners (boots metabolism and give energy), carb overloaded (not too much) and a multi viatmin that i havent been taken religously, but i eat pretty balanced.  well im waiting for magrib or the late afternoon prayer and then im off.  (Inshallah) I’ll make my evening (or isha) prayer at steel corners in cuyahoga falls (near akron about 35 miles away or akron masjid about 45 miles away-ill mapquest to get near distances, but they’ll be based on highway, i cant travel there, so my distance will be far greater.  its gonna take hours, but im kewl with that, ill simply pace, take my time and have fun, parying, meditating and listening to music along the way. im actually taking my charger because i anticipate my phone/mp3/bakup camera running outta juice.)

SEE YA. (Inshalla)  Dont act like u 4got I taught u that phrase (God be Willing)

just printed mapquest map so i can find route other than highways and IM OFF!



216-849-4265 give me a HOLLA.




~ by siddiq khalifah on July 19, 2008.

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